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Paris, July 05, 2017

Resonance Advisory turns five

This summer Resonance Advisory celebrates its fifth anniversary.  It’s been five full years since the idea of starting a new project finance advisory firm materialized. The idea has been from the beginning to provide intuitu personae value-added Project Finance advisory services to our clients.


Since its creation, Resonance Advisory has been involved in more than 30 projects, in over 15 countries, covering all sectors: transportation (road, rail, ports and airports); social infrastructures (prisons, schools, etc.); energy (wind, solar, hydro power); waste water; telecom.


This success is of course the result of hard work and experience. But Resonance Advisory also owes its success to its clients.


Our clients have seen the interest in working with our team of project finance specialists. From the first days clients have helped us tremendously, and they continue promoting our services. Recently again, one of our first clients insisted that its consortium partners have Resonance Advisory pitch for a project, and eventually it turned out that we convinced them all!


We are very proud to observe that our clients have all expressed interest to renew their experience with us. This is due to the combination of our managing partners’ involvement in the daily management of all our advisory mandates, and the dedication of our team to deliver the highest quality services.


For the next five years, we are looking forward to further expanding Resonance Advisory’s services on new projects, while keeping our main objective, which is to follow our clients where the go…





About Resonance Advisory:

Resonance Advisory is an Independent Project Finance Advisory Firm providing services to sponsors investing in infrastructure projects across all sectors: transportation, social infrastructure, energy, and other industries.  Resonance Advisory is managed by two Managing Partners who bring a long international investment banking experience and are Project Finance specialists. They have successfully closed infrastructure financing in all sectors, either as Financial Advisors or as lead arrangers, throughout Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, as well as Asia-Pacific.




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