Project Finance : Infrastructure and Energy services

About us

Resonance Advisory is an independent Project Finance advisory firm providing services to sponsors investing in infrastructure projects across all sectors: transportation, social infrastructures and energies. 

The development of efficient and affordable transportation infrastructures as well as a rapid transition to renewable energies are a necessity for a sustainable future. At Resonance Advisory, we care about the social and environmental impact of our projects, and we work with innovative investors supporting the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.  Resonance Advisory actively contributes to this infrastructure transition.

Our services

Resonance Advisory offers complementary financial advisory services for infrastructure and energy projects. 

Our services range from full transaction advisory for public tenders, to financial feasibility studies, financial modeling, as well as debt management, financial audit and asset management.


Resonance Advisory has been working on infrastructure and energy projects of all size located across the world. 

We have been working with the largest industry sponsors.