Our services

Resonance Advisory offers complementary financial advisory services for infrastructure and energy projects. Our services range from full transaction advisory for public tenders, to financial feasibility studies, financial modeling, as well as debt management, financial audit and asset management.  

Financial Structuring

  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Risk matrix
  • Financing strategies
  • Hedging strategies (rates, FX)
  • Contracts bankability analysis
  • Refinancing options
  • Debt restructuring strategies

Financial Modeling

  • Construction of detailed cash flow projection models
  • Optimization of financial and hedging structures
  • Assets and portfolio valuation
  • Value for Money models and investment decision tools
  • Operational models

Transaction Management

  • Assistance to bid preparation
  • Selection of project parties (lenders, investors, consultants)
  • Interface with rating agencies
  • Term sheets and info memos
  • Assistance to Due Diligences
  • Assistance to negotiation
    of financing and project

Acquisition advisory

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Contract and market due diligence
  • Financing or refinancing strategy
  • Asset valuation

Financial Audit

  • Financial model audit
  • Arithmetical review
  • Conformity opinion
  • Tax and accounting due diligence

Asset Management

  • Operational models
  • Periodic financial model updates
  • Monitoring of financial covenants
  • Management of waivers and documentation amendments
  • Financial control and  cash management
  • Internal and external reporting