Resonance Advisory assists l’Hougnette and its shareholders.

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Project description

The Belgian Building Agency together with the Belgian State (Federal Justice Department) entered into a DBFM contract with l’Hourgnette for the design, the construction, the financing, the maintenance as well as the provision of certain facility services for a new prison facility in the Charleroi region. The prison was designed to accommodate 312 inmates.

The Contract was signed on June 27, 2011.

The shareholding of the Company includes Belgian infrastructure investor TINC and French construction company Eiffage.

The construction was completed on September 30, 2013, triggering the beginning of a 25-year operation period. During the operation period, the maintenance of the Project is handed over to a subsidiary of the Eiffage group under a Maintenance Contract.

In addition, Facility Services (laundry, catering and waste management) are provided by SODEXO Belgium under 5 years contracts (extended periodicaly)

In 2016 the project was partially refinanced.

Our role

Resonance Advisory has been working with l’Hourgnette since 2014.

Our mission started with the construction of an operating model reflecting the operation of the project newly in operation.

Subsequently, we have been invited to assist the shareholder in the refinancing of the project. Our role included the update of the model and the coordination of the refinancing (market sounding, negotiation with lenders, definition of a refinancing strategy and general assistance to financial close).

More recently, our role has been extended to the management of the operating model, including the periodic update of the model with operational figures.

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